Cascara House

Cascara House

Built in 1984, Cascara is an ideal place for small to medium sized groups to meet. Set on the side of a hill, Cascara has six bedrooms, each with four bunk beds, four upstairs, and two downstairs. It has a double restroom with shower on each floor, a small apartment-sized kitchen and a piano.


This popular meeting site is ideal for both day and overnight committee meetings, staff trainings, planning and church retreats, small group get-togethers, and small social gatherings.  

This two-story, self-contained, adult and older youth conference lodge is complete with six bedrooms, restrooms with showers on two floors, a kitchen, and a large meeting/lounging area.  Each bedroom accommodates up to four persons on four bunk beds for a total of 24 persons.  The common area can be set for meetings of up to 30 people.  Meals can be provided by 4-H Center staff.

Food service at Cascara House is available on request, but a cost advantage for many overnight groups is the building is provided with a small kitchen that allows for groups to prepare their own meals. Day groups often ask for coffee service and a luncheon may be arranged with the Hospitality Coordinator.

House Rules

Group members may park around Cascara House to unload and load personal gear and equipment. For small groups, parking at Cascara House is available. Large groups will find it necessary to park in the parking lot and walk up the hill to Cascara. The road behind and around Cascara House must be kept clear at all times as a fire road.


The Cascara House kitchen is available for your use. Meal preparation should be no different than you would do at home in your own kitchen. Please make sure that you clean up after yourself. Run the dishwasher using the posted instructions, wipe down the counters, sweep the floor and turn off appliances such as the coffee pots, stove, oven, and so forth.


Group members must provide their own bedding (either sleeping bags or bed rolls), pillows, towels, toiletries, and personal items. The 4-H Center does not have any of these items available.
Cascara House
Path leading to Cascara
Cascara is a great place to get away for a church retreat, counselor training, staff in-service training or any number of "small group" uses.
Cascara Floor Plan