Core Area & Facilities
The Oregon 4-H Center supports a large core area of facilities to support the needs of many types of groups from weddings, conferences, summer camps and private retreats. We have the capacity to house up to 300 people at a time. We can provide catered meals and personalized meal plans with specific dietary requests to suit just about any group. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide personalized attention and support of whatever needs are expressed by attending groups and organizations.

The core area of camp contains the Stewart Chapel, The Clark Dining Hall,
Rustic Cabins and Cottages. Beyond the core area of camp we have The John Gray Hall and Cascara House. These two large facilities provide groups a more remote place to support such functions as weddings and organizational conferences and family gatherings.

Located on the lower part of the property are two other facilities: Horse Camp is in lower camp above YMCA Camp Greider.

Clark Dining Hall: The dining hall is a large rustic facility featuring a floor-to-ceiling fireplace made from native petrified wood.  Recently remodeled this facility can now seat up to 200 people for family style meals, with additional seating on the deck.
Cottages: There are five cottages ideal for small meetings and overnight retreats. Each Cottage is fully contained with a small meeting room and refreshment area, and four bedrooms which sleep four each. 1-Fox and 2-Whipple Cottages each have one bathroom. 3-Schink, 4-Hansen, and 5-Spirit Mountain Cottages each have two bathrooms.
Stewart Chapel: This is a unique stone and wood faced edifice that accommodates classes and meetings with a lecture seating format for 40 people.
Weyerhaeuser: This open air shelter was designed for multi-purpose use. It has a range, a refrigerator, running water, a restroom, electric lights and outlets, and a fire pit. There is seating for 30 on picnic tables as well as the benches surrounding the fire pit. It is a perfect place to facilitate outdoor activities that may need the option to get out of the Oregon weather!

Bunkhouses: Youth camp sleeping facilitites are rustic and maintain a wilderness charm. All six cabins have electricity, forced hot air and restrooms and shower houses within a quick walk of each cabin's location. Cabins 1-4 each house up to 20 persons a piece. Cabins 5 and 6 can house up to 40.
Starker Pool: We now have a "bubble" for year round use of the Starker Swimming Pool. Cool in the summer, this is a popular recreation area for our campers. With the addition of the bubble we will be offering a "warm in the winter" swimming option for our guests.