Oregon 4-H Center
 Head, Heart, Hands, Health
   5390 4-H Road NW
   Salem Oregon  97304

John D. Gray Hall

The John D.Gray Hall provides a venue for organizations and large groups to hold educational and recreational activities.  The facility is appropriately designed for conferences, family gatherings, organizational meetings, educational classes and seminars. 

The classrooms provide a breakout room, separate from the larger meeting space. With WIFI and two digital projectors available any educational or professional organization will have the tools necessary to facilitate there presentations or educational activities
The hallways display paintings by local artists depicting scenes from the state of Oregon.
We offer a Serving Kitchen to support the catering of events either by the Oregon 4-H Center or by private businesses.
The main part of the building has been designed for large groups. 

There are benches that allow for seating of up to 120

The hall also houses a stage with sound system capable of providing support for most productions.