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Apply to OFRI for Reimbursement of Transportation Costs


Thanks to a unique partnership with the Oregon Forest Resources Institute (OFRI) the Oak Woodland and Douglas-fir Forest education programs have recently been approved for schools to be reimbursed from OFRI for the cost of the transportation to the 4-H Center. Although the OFRI website indicates field trip locations of preference are listed in their publication, the 4-H Center HAS received approval and will be included in the next addition.

To apply for transportation support

(1) call your transportation department for a specific quote on the bus transportation costs,

(2) go to the OFRI link and fill out the on-line form http://learnforests.org/resource_article/online-reimbursement-form

(3) await review of your request and receipt of an official approval letter,

(4) follow the instructions on-line to request reimbursement after the field trip.