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Making Memories

Due to our summer program wedding sites are only available during fall,winter, and spring. 

We have two location where weddings traditionally occur. 

    Greider is the more rustic of the two with a capacity of 150. It is a large open space with a big kitchen which can be used for food service. Typically, the wedding party comes in to decorate and set up on the Saturday morning. Usually weddings are in the afternoon or evening of Saturday with a reception to follow.


    John Gray Hall is a large building with a gymnasium, a stage, two classrooms, and a warming kitchen, with a capacity of 300.  The wedding party usually comes in on saturday to decorate and set up. JGH comes with the use of Cascara House, which is next door.  

    Tables and Chairs


    We recommend that brides rent tables and chairs for weddings at Greider.

     John Gray Hall has nine five-foot round tables (seat eight each for a total of 72), and five six-foot round tables (seat ten each for a total of fifty). There are also eight 8'x2.5' rectangular tables and ten 8'x3' rectangular tables. Additional Seating of thirty-two wooden benches and 200 chairs.

    Catering for your event is the responsibility of the the wedding party. There have been many weddings at the 4-H Center and brides have had everything from BBQ or potluck to formal catering companies prepare and serve food to their guests.



    The 4-H Center requires all groups to have liability insurance coverage while using the 4-H Center property. Many people contact their homeowner's insurance agent and have an extension added to their homeowner's policy. If this is not an option then you will need to provide a certificate of liability coverage. Consider event insurance. It is a little more expensive, but covers you and your party for unanticipated events. The certificate must name the Oregon 4-H Center and Oregon State University as additionally insured to be accepted.



    The 4-H Center allows alcohol only with approval from and registration with Oregon State University's Risk Management, and a deposit for damage and/or cleanup. The Risk Management website can be found at http://risk.oregonstate.edu/alcohol-service. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission has an excellent website for Responsible Party Host Tips




    Greider has no sound system. It does, however, have adequate acoustics for a small band or a DJ with sound system. 


    John Gray Hall has a sound system with mixing consol and speakers, microphone and power box.


    We ask that all music be turned off by midnight in consideration of our neighbors.