Curriculum Outdoor School

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Maps & Outlines for your Experience                               Correlation to  NGSS & ODS Standards

Day One: Animals

1.1 Mammals 1.2  Birds 1.3 Reptiles & Amphibians Day 1 Closing Activity
Day One Handouts Wildlife Data Sheet  Bird Check List Reptiles & Amphibians

Day Two: Water & Weather

2.1 Water cycle & Watersheds 2.2. Ponds & Wetlands 2.3 Weather & Climate Day 2 Closing Activity
Day Two Handouts World Water Tally Water Data Sheet Ocean Temps on Land
Weather at Oak Grove Cloud Key Oregon Climate Map

Day Three: Plants & Soils

3.1 Oak Woodlands 3.2 Oak Tree Ecology 3.3 Soil & Geology Day 3 Closing Activity
Day Three Handouts Forest Observation Data  Soil Exploration Data


Sample Schedule  –  List of Handouts   –   Map of Area