Summer Camp

Experience for a Lifetime

Summer Camp is a wonderful way for children to learn and grow.  We partner with  several counties in Oregon to host amazing and unique summer experiences. We work hard to make sure every child has an affordable opportunity to attend.  Every kid deserves the enriching experience and life long learning camp gives.  

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Find out how one week of summer camp for kids lasts a life time

Check below to choose your 2023 Summer Camp:

Why different prices?  4-H camp is the same great experience for all  our campers from all across the state.  Each week has different traditions and volunteer  leadership. Along with that they have slightly different pricing. It has no  effect on the quality or safety of the program. 

Camp Session Dates Ages Regular Price Early Bird Price  (Prior to May 1st)
Four Rivers 4-H Summer Camp June 28th – July 2nd, 2023 Youth 4th- 8th grades $545 $530
Wild West 1 4-H Summer Camp July 11th -15th 2023 Youth 4th- 8th grades $545 $530
Clackamas 4-H Camp July 18th –  22nd 2023 Youth 4th- 8th grades $565 $550
Wildlife Stewards 4-H Summer Camp July 25th – July 29th 2023 Youth 3rd-6th grades $575 $560
Wild West 2  4-H Summer Camp August 15th – August 19th 2023 Youth 4th- 8th grades $545 $530


We designed the International Summer Camp to encourage and support Latino and under-served students to stay in school. The Camp creates an opportunity for youth to explore educational options and guides them to career opportunities at community colleges and universities. By participating in the Camp, youth experience different environments, learn new things, learn about post-secondary education and ways to fund it, and enjoy fun and challenging activities. Most importantly, the Camp enables youth to interact with university students and professionals.

Camp Session Dates Pricing
International Migrant 4-H Summer Camp August 1st – 5th 2023 click on link for pricing
International Multi-Cultural Camp August 8th-12th 2023 click on link for pricing